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Goryeong’s Melody: Journey through the Ureuk Museum and the Legacy of the Gayageum

The Ureuk Museum is a public museum established in 2006 in Kwaebin-ri, Goryeong-gun. The Ureuk Museum is the only museum in Korea that exclusively displays and educates on the Gayageum. Visitors can view stories and various materials related to Ureuk, understand the structure, types, and unique sound characteristics of the Gayageum, and even meet Gayageum masters. Additionally, the Ureuk Museum is equipped with a workshop where one can see how the Gayageum is actually made.

Goryeong, the Hometown of Gayageum

It is known that Ureuk, who composed the twelve pieces for the Gayageum, was from the province of Seongyeolhyeon in Dae-Gaya. Goryeong was the central city of Daegaya, the Gayageum is an instrument created in Daegaya, and Ureuk of Daegaya was renowned for his Gayageum performance and composition.

The Soulful Strings: Understanding the Gayageum

“The Gayageum mirrors the cosmic dance of nature. Its twelve strings symbolize the twelve months of a year. The instrument’s curved top reflects the arch of the sky, whereas its flat base is reminiscent of the land we walk on. The 3 ‘chi’ high bridges which hold the strings capture the sacred bond between heaven, earth, and mankind. While the Gayageum’s essence has withstood the test of time, its aesthetics and design have witnessed transformations. A visit to the Ureuk Museum reveals the distinctiveness of the ‘Pungryu Gayageum’ from the ‘Sanjo Gayageum’ and introduces the viewer to its evolved versions with 18 or 25 strings.

Located in Goryeong, the land of the clear and pristine Gayageum, the ‘Ureuk Museum’ serves as a vibrant educational space for growing children, allowing them to gain an intriguing understanding of our unique instrument, the Gayageum, and its originator, Ureuk. For adults, it offers a place to cherish the fragrance of the fading traditional music.


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