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Glass Island: Korea’s Murano and the Mesmerizing World of Glass Artistry

Overlooking a stunning ocean vista, the Glass Island Art Museum is Korea’s answer to Murano, promoting diverse glass art culture. It introduces audiences to glass craftsmanship, tracing its history back to 3000 BCE. Visitors can witness the transformation of everyday glass into artistic masterpieces. The museum, adorned with mystical glass artworks, aims to make glass art accessible to all. It stands as a testament to the pure sensibility of art and culture.


Often referred to as Korea’s answer to Murano, Glass Island on Daebu-do stretches over a vast 43,000㎡. This expansive space boasts mesmerizing glass artworks, where the artistic spirit of top glass sculptors vividly comes alive. These masterpieces are set against the backdrop of breathtaking sunsets and scenic views of the West Sea tidal flats, offering a harmonious blend of nature and artistry. Mac Art Glass, a group comprised of active artists, passionately develops and manufactures their own uniquely designed products. They aim to infuse their innovative and artistic glass sculptures into architecture, urban cultural spaces, and a diverse range of art genres.


Glass Island houses the Glass Island Art Museum. The museum is dedicated to introducing Glass Art and sharing the culture of glass artistry, making it a themed travel destination for those interested in exploring and experiencing glass handicrafts. Visitors can see themed exhibition halls that reimagine nature through glass, as well as planned exhibitions by contemporary glass artists. 

Experience the Magic: Inside the Glass Island Art Museum's Craft Zones

In the Glass Island Art Museum, there is a glass craft demonstration area and a glass craft experience zone. The demonstration area is designed like a 150-pyeong theater, capable of accommodating 200 viewers at once. At the glass craft demonstration area, spectators are treated to thrice-daily showcases where glass sculptor artists bring their creations to life.With beam projectors and sound systems installed, visitors can conveniently watch the immersive glass-making process. Here, you can enjoy the vibrant process of artists creating expressive glass pieces infused with artistic spirit. 

At the glass craft experience zone, visitors can engage in various activities such as blowing, sanding, making wine bottle clocks, lampworking, and glass painting. It provides a valuable opportunity for individuals to participate in the glass-making process and create their own unique masterpiece.


Set against the breathtaking backdrop of the ocean, the Glass Island Art Museum aspires to be Korea’s version of Murano. It serves as a multifaceted cultural experience hub, sharing and creating glass art culture amidst the diverse cultural demands of the contemporary era. The museum introduces the public, both domestically and internationally, to the history of glass craftsmanship, believed to have begun as far back as 3000 BCE. It showcases the transformation process of everyday glass into artistic creations. Dreaming of popularizing glass art, it offers opportunities for direct experiences with the still-unfamiliar world of glass art culture. Additionally, the themed exhibition areas adorned with transparent and mystical glass works, along with the glass artist exhibition halls, present high-quality glass sculpture art. The Glass Island Art Museum awakens a clear and pure sensibility and stands as a space where everyone can appreciate culture.



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