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Sipping Through Time: A Journey Inside Sansawon, Korea’s Premier Traditional Liquor Museum

Sansawon is a dedicated space celebrating Korean traditional alcoholic beverages, with a special emphasis on Gayangju. Established in 1996, this traditional liquor museum displays materials and tools related to traditional alcoholic beverages. Visitors can taste over 10 different types of liquor for free and also have the option to purchase them. 


The striking display of grand liquor jars at the ‘Sewolrang’ section of the Sansa Garden is a visual treat. Visitors can immerse themselves in the rich history, examining artifacts and materials bearing the marks of time.

In the display area, ancient documents and texts recounting the history of Korea’s alcohol traditions captivate visitors. Additionally, the museum showcases the instruments used in liquor production along with associated records. After exploring the exhibits, guests have the opportunity to savor fresh brews from Baesangmyeon Brewery and even partake in hands-on sessions, brewing Gayangju, fruit liquors, and seasonal drinks. 

Sansawon offers a rich array of traditional Korean delights, from licorice treats crafted with liquor rice malt to Dasik (a tea-time favorite), Yakgwa (a luscious honey pastry), and unique liquor-infused jams. Their menu also boasts fried treats, Sanghwa dumplings, and the refreshing croaker Sikhye (a sweet rice beverage). Beyond the culinary experience, visitors can immerse themselves in activities like brewing Gayangju, concocting Soju, baking Makgeolli cupcakes, and mixing traditional liquor cocktails. It’s no surprise that this immersive traditional liquor experience has won accolades from travelers worldwide.

You can gather a plethora of information and even experience the liquor firsthand! Come visit Sansawon and Get lost in the beauty of traditional liquor jars.


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