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Goesan Hanji Experience Museum: Embracing Nature’s Delicacy and Millennia’s Endurance

The texture of paper can influence its utility, sentiment, and ambiance. While technology has shifted the spotlight to electronic media, the timeless allure of paper persists. Central to this charm is ‘Hanji’, our traditional paper that encapsulates ancestral wisdom. To fully appreciate Hanji’s value and charm, a visit to the Hanji Experience Museum in Goesan, Chungbuk is essential. The Goesan Hanji Experience Museum serves as a cultural space where visitors can truly understand the genuine value of Hanji.

Hanji: the gentleness that embraces nature and the strength that endures millennia

Our traditional Hanji embodies a tenderness that harmonizes with nature and a resilience that has withstood centuries. It stands as a precious and commendable cultural heritage of our nation. The cultivation of mulberry trees, which align perfectly with Korea’s four seasons, the drying process, and the meticulous procedures involved in Hanji production, deliberately reject the mechanization aimed at increasing productivity and the mass production systems attempting to rival cheaper Chinese imports. The Goesan Hanji Experience Museum aims to continue research and uphold the tradition, predominantly using native mulberry trees.

Goesan Hanji Experience Museum with its standout traditional tiled-roof appearance

The meticulous creation of Hanji requires a series of precise steps. Legend says that it undergoes 99 specific procedures, and it’s only after the 100th procedure that the paper is finally perfected – hence sometimes referred to as ‘Baekji’ (白紙), which translates to ‘white paper.’ Hanji, birthed through immense dedication and effort, has been a staple in our daily lives since ancient times, showcasing its intrinsic value even today. Unlike Western paper, the writings left by our ancestors on Hanji can still be read, even after many years. Its value is further exemplified by traditional Korean paper window screens that naturally regulate room temperature and humidity.”

Five Entrancing Layers of the Goesan Hanji Museum​

  1. A Journey Through Time: The museum paints a vivid picture of Hanji’s evolution, from ancient beginnings to its role today. It’s fascinating to see how Goesan Hanji has transformed over the ages.

  2. A Learning Hub for Hanji Enthusiasts: Dive deep into the world of “Premium Hanji,” globally acclaimed for its unique features. And what’s better than hearing tales of Hanji? Learning them straight from the skilled artisans who’ve mastered this age-old craft.

  3. More Than Just Paper: Hanji is not limited to being mere paper. It’s versatile and weaves seamlessly into our daily lives. The museum offers you tangible examples of its diverse uses, revealing its beauty and functionality.

  4. Festival Vibes All Year Round: The spirit of the annual Shinpoong Hanji Festival is alive here throughout the year. Admire the lush native mulberry trees of Goesan and marvel at artworks unique to Shinpoong Hanji. And if you’re up for it, indulge in some mulberry tea tasting, or maybe even try grilling pork belly on Hanji!

  5. Hands-on Hanji Experience: It’s one thing to hear and see, but at the museum, they believe in the power of touch. Visitors, young and old, get to feel and craft with Hanji. Whether you’re seeking an educational outing or some family fun, this space promises to deliver.

Crafting Memories at the Hanji Experience Museum

Goesan Hanji Experience Museum offers more than just a visual delight. True to its name, it stands out by offering a myriad of experiences related to Hanji. Visitors can craft various handicrafts like lanterns, mirrors, coaster mats, pencil cases, and fans that are both functional in daily life and make for excellent gifts. Moreover, hands-on activities allow one to try making traditional Hanji paper, design book covers, and stamp patterns, providing a tangible feel of Hanji’s allure. These experiences offer everyone, regardless of age, a chance to become familiar with Hanji and create special memories.


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