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Discovering Jeju Doye-chon: Jeju Island’s Pottery Haven

Ever wondered what makes Jeju pottery unique? It steers clear of artificial glazes. The inside showcases the pure, unadulterated clay, while the outside gets its signature look from a natural glazing process through exposure to fire. Such distinctiveness has earned it poetic nicknames like ‘breathing pottery’, ‘human-conscious pottery’, and the ‘heavenly pottery’.

Nestled in the picturesque Seogwipo on Jeju Island, Jeju Doye-chon isn’t just an exhibition center—it’s a deep dive into Jeju’s storied pottery heritage. Jeju Doye-chon is where tradition intertwines with artistry. It offers visitors a chance to not only admire these ceramic masterpieces but also to experience them hands-on. It’s a haven for pottery lovers, be they seasoned professionals or curious novices.

Preserving Time-Honored Traditions

Pottery might be ancient, but Jeju Doye-chon ensures it remains alive and vibrant. The center delves into resurrecting the long-lost traditional kilning techniques of Jeju. But their vision goes beyond mere preservation—they’re on a mission to showcase Jeju pottery’s beauty and intricacy to the world. And through their community education initiatives, they instill a profound appreciation for this age-old craft.

Unearthing the Magic at Jeju Doye-chon

Amidst the scenic backdrop of Jeju Island, Jeju Doye-chon stands as a testament to the timeless allure of Jeju Onggi. This tranquil haven, where the essence of Jeju pottery comes alive, is the brainchild of a passionate artisan who has poured over four decades into mastering his craft. With unwavering dedication, he has consistently pushed boundaries to elevate the quality of Jeju Onggi. If you’re keen to journey through time, he holds sessions delving deep into the annals of onggi’s history and the intricacies of its creation. Just a note: while rich in knowledge, these sessions are conducted in the local dialect without English translations.

But it’s not just about history and artistry; it’s a treasure trove for pottery aficionados. As you explore, you’ll be greeted with an exquisite array of earthenware masterpieces, each narrating its own story. These pieces start at around 10,000 won but can climb swiftly into the hundred thousand won realm. While the onggi might seem like a premium, remember, each piece is irreplaceable. It’s not something you’d find with a simple online search or phone order. Gifting or owning a Jeju onggi is like possessing a fragment of Jeju’s soul—perfect for someone special or a treat for oneself.

A Glimpse into the Past

Rewinding to 2011, Jeju Doye-chon sprawled across a massive 1,000 pyeong (around 3,305 square meters). This vibrant space housed workshops, exhibit areas, seminar rooms, and more. A standout feature? The six traditional Jeju kilns, each radiating its unique charm, from the sunny yellow kiln to the mysterious black one.

With its unyielding commitment, Jeju Doye-chon isn’t merely a destination—it stands as a beacon for Jeju’s rich pottery traditions, ensuring the tales and techniques of our forebears are celebrated and carried forward.



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